Table of Contents

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Introduction: Learning and Gaining Wisdom from Your Teenager

An Alternative View on Parenting and Personal Growth

Perception Is Everything

You and Your Teen Hold the Key


Value Your Teenager’s Energy, and Embrace the Teen Spirit


Lesson 1: Satisfying Basic Needs

Five Basic Needs

Teen Dilemmas

Parent Dilemmas

Exchanging the Baton

What You Can Learn from Understanding Your Teenager’s Needs


Lesson 2: Examining Values

The Value of Values

What You Value Counts

Examining Values over Time

Overcoming the Limitations of Values

What You Can Learn from Your Teenager’s Values


Lesson 3: EPIC Existence

How Philosophy Simplifies Parenting





What You Can Learn from How Your Teenager Explores, Plays, Inspires, and Connects


Lesson 4: Redefining Boundaries and Reconsidering Consequences

Life’s a Beach

Anxiety Disguised as Defiance

Tips for Setting Limits and Determining Consequences

Lines Are Sometimes Meant to be Crossed

Managing Conflict When Enforcing Limits

What You Can Learn from How Your Teenager Redefines Boundaries and Reconsiders Consequences


Lesson 5: Connecting with Your Teen

Building a Road to a Healthy Relationship

Do Today What You Wish for Tomorrow

Giving Attention

Embracing and Supporting All Aspects of Your Teen

Skills, Interest, and Resiliency

What You Can Learn from How Your Teenager Connects with Himself and Others


Lesson 6: How You Communicate

Components of Communication

The Impact of Technology on Communication

Promoting Dialogue

Hear What Your Teenager Has to Say

What You Can Learn from How Your Teenager Communicates


Lesson 7: Ensuring Health and Wellness

Care for Yourself and Your Home

Staying Cool When You Are Feeling Hot

Learning from Mistakes

The Team Approach

What You Can Learn from How Your Teenager Ensures Health and Wellness


Lesson 8: Fear Not, Let Go, and Move On

Looking Back Can Help Move the Relationship Forward

Fear Whether Real or Imagined Is Important to Understand

Letting Go for the Sake of Holding On

Moving On with the End Goal in Mind

What You Can Learn from How Your Teenager Doesn’t Fear, Lets Go, and Moves On



The Conflict Over Pomegranate Juice

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