Guiding Principles

“Harmonize your actions with the way life is” ∼ Epictetus

guiding principles
Guiding Principles at EPIConsulting are:
  • People are always trying their best. How do you support your workforce as they develop?
  • We learn together by doing together. How do you interact with stakeholders to remain passionate, collaborative, and innovative?
  • You willingly respond to your environment. How do you adapt to evolving workplace and market demands?
  • Everything you need is around you. How do you discover and use resources around you?

Where there are challenges, there are opportunities. Development occurs when opportunities and obstacles are accepted and understood for what they are. How we conceptualize our world, respond to our environment, and relate to one another greatly impact our individual and collective performance. EPIConsulting believes the EPIC Model best supports these guiding principles.

EPIConsulting discovers and builds upon what you do BEST:
  • Benefiting from the collective knowledge and wisdom within your team to improve your service or product.
  • Expanding beyond the technical expertise by tapping into intention, authenticity, and the wholeness of your workforce.
  • Stimulating learning environments by co-creating psychologically safe spaces where employee contributions are harnessed.
  • Trusting your people and the continuous process of change facilitated by an in-tune and inclusive work culture.

Transforming discord in teams and across departments, generations, and cultures. Results, retention, and resilience enhance when the distance between humans is shortened.