Constellation Coaching (Virtual option available)

Constellation coaching taps into your potential and utilizes your resources to bring out the answers within you!

Constellation board
Constellation  Coaching with a System Board

Constellation Coaching

Humans are relational. Issues are systemic. Human issues do not operate in a vacuum; they involve other people, belief systems, and structures. All these components are interconnected. One person’s actions impact the entire system. This is the beauty of life and the benefit of the Constellation Board. You only have control over your actions in your constructed reality. Using the Constellation Board allows you to look at the current reality, the elements involved (people, beliefs, things, and emotions), and the resources at your disposal. The goal: to visualize the current situation and symbolically take steps closer to the desired outcome. In the process, you will see the transformation toward the new constellation and the impact of closing the gap between what is and what is desired.

Why use a Constellation Board?

The Constellation Board can be used for a multitude of purposes that involve effectuating personal change in any system or with any situation. Below are some examples, however, the list is endless.
• addressing “the elephant in the room”
• addressing project management hiccups
• enlivening work culture
• improving work processes
• resolving conflict in teams
• strengthening team engagement
• improving stakeholder relations
• resolving ethical dilemmas
• resolving longstanding client issues
• making difficult decisions (about anything)
• deciding on the next best step (in any situation)

Virtual Constellation Coaching

Virtual Constellation Coaching is the on-line version of the Constellation Board. This client led coaching method uses web-based tools to visualize a current dilemma or opportunity. As with using a real Constellation Board, you control the symbols on the board. You determine and influence the key elements needed to close the gap between what currently is and the desired outcome. This adaptive and innovative coaching method is helpful for professionals at any stage in their career process.

Creative, Playful, and Integrated and Coaching

Creative, playful, and sound solutions are needed now more than ever. As the world becomes more integrated, our behaviors need to become more in line with ourselves, those with whom we work, and the communities within which we live. The Constellation Board factors in these essential elements we know are vital to responsible and sustainable decision-making.

Resource, Holistic, and Solution Focused Coaching

Constellation Coaching allows you to come out of your head and into your heart and gut. It allows you to use your other faculties, other sources of information other than the one between your ears. It is a process that taps into your total being. The Constellation Board allows you to visually play out a new idea or concept that will advance your personal, professional, or organization’s development. Along with this powerful tool, you are accompanied by a sparring partner with 20 years of coaching, counseling, and leadership experience. The result is an eye-opening, empowering, and results-oriented experience.

Improve self-awareness and role as an observer

On-line sessions can be recorded. The added advantage here is that you can watch the session in which you were the participant as an observer. Rewatching how the visual representation of how your inquiry evolved improves your self-awareness and awareness of others. The ability to objectively observe the interplay between all the moving parts of a system is a much-needed skill in today’s workplace, particularly for those in leadership or managerial positions.

Privacy and Anonymity is possible if needed

Constellation work has two other advantages if the topic of inquiry is sensitive in nature. The topic itself does not need to be revealed by name, it just requires a symbolic representative. Elements and components also require only a symbolic representation. Pseudonyms can be used in place of real names to protect privacy. This is the essence of the board. The emphasis is on the process and your actions!

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