Rejuvenating Organizations

Resolving interpersonal conflict, facilitating intergenerational dialogue, and enhancing team interdependence improve both employee well-being and corporate vitality!

Enhancing employee potential enhances organizational performance!

Work culture is everyone’s responsibility. Why? Your competitive edge lies within your people. Your company’s success depends not only on your employees’ technical skills, but also on how well they know themselves, work together, identify with your purpose, adapt to change, and feel included as your organization evolves.

EPIConsulting accompanies organizations wanting to fully utilize their workforce. purposeful, cohesive, and resilient workforce culture is more likely to accept and adapt to change and more likely to become aware of critical shifts before they manifest. A work culture operating on the organizational edge increases employee responsibility and improves the response time to unpredictable events.

Using a simple and sustainable framework–the EPIC Model, teams effectively resolve important questions, such as how to:
• embrace opportunities for growth?
• identify and safely address core issues?

• improve trust and psychological safety?
• empower and motivate our workforce?

• create an open feedback culture?
• fine-tune human skills?

• anticipate customer and market trends?
• encourage innovation and experimentation?
• tap into the collective wisdom of all stakeholders?

How I work

Whether working one on one or with a group, I work holistically and systemically. I take into consideration beliefs, structures, patterns, dynamics, environment, and current external factors. I quickly build trust and foster a psychologically safe environment where all individuals can openly respond and communicate. Taking an asset-based and solution-focused approach,  I hold the space for individuals to find sustainable and implementable solutions. Natural secondary beneficial consequences are improved communication, resiliency, and essential human skills. Asking salient questions and reflecting observations back on to the querent are common practices.

Transforming discord in teams and across departments, generations, and cultures. Results, retention, and resilience enhance when the distance between humans is shortened.