Creating Resonance in Individuals and Teams

“Don’t live by your own rules, but in harmony with nature.” ∼ Epictetus

ResonanceImage by Devanath from Pixabay

Creating individual and team resonance

All individuals and teams want to perform at the highest level. The resonating sound of the singing bowl focuses our attention to be receptive. The reverberating tone is an acoustical symbol of an “in-tune” person or system of people. The German word for harmony is Einklang, meaning one sound. The singing bowl is both a visual and acoustical representation of a team that is in tune and working in harmony. It is a container from which resonance begins and then is transmitted outward. Two definitions of resonance apply to EPIConsulting’s intention:

“a quality of richness and variety”

EPIConsulting extracts individual richness and diversity, making your organization unique and successful. 

“a quality of evoking response”

EPIConsulting evokes an authentic, intentional, and collective workforce, fostering resilience and collaboration.

Transforming discord in teams and across departments, generations, and cultures. Results, retention, and resilience enhance when the distance between humans is shortened.