Rejuvenating Organizations

“Don’t explain your philosophy.  Embody it.”  ∼ Epictetus


Enhancing employee potential enhances organizational performance!

Work culture is everyone’s responsibility. Why? Your competitive edge lies within your people. Your company’s success depends not only on your employees’ technical skills, but also how well they know themselves, work together, identify with your purpose, and feel included as your organization evolves. EPIConsulting accompanies organizations wanting to fully utilize their workforce.

Including your employees in organizational processes such as adapting to new roles and challenges is a win-win!

Are your employees growing along with your organization? Sometimes the human experience is neglected along the way. A purposeful, cohesive, and resilient work culture improves an employee’s willingness and ability to overcome challenges and adapt to change. Just as your equipment should optimally cope with challenges or adapt to change, so too should your employees.

Fostering an authentic, intentional, and the collective work culture rejuvenates the human elements!

The responsibility of ensuring the organization’s well-being is shared by all. Using a simple and sustainable framework–the EPIC Model, teams effectively resolve important questions, such as how to:

• embrace opportunities for growth?
• identify and safely address core issues?
• conduct participatory and meaningful meetings?
• onboard new employees and retain existing ones?
• appreciate and recognize employee contribution?
• improve trust and psychological safety?
• empower and motivate our workforce?

• create an open feedback culture?
• fine-tune soft skills and enhance social cohesiveness?

• improve stakeholder relationships?
• anticipate customer and market trends?
• encourage innovation and experimentation?
• promote transparency with all stakeholders?
• tap into the collective wisdom of all stakeholders?

Your services and products naturally evolve as you foster an authentic, purposeful, and collective work culture!

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Go well,

Jean-Pierre Kallanian
Owner / Process Facilitator / Human Systems Specialist

Rejuvenating orgaizations by fostering authenticity, intention, and the collective