EPIConsulting Services

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.” ∼ Albert Einstein

EPIConsulting services

Constellation boardEPIConsulting provides both individual coaching services as well as team facilitation services. Whether working one on one or with a group, I work holistically and systemically taking into consideration beliefs, structures, patterns, dynamics, environment, and current external factors. Solutions are internally derived. I hold the space for individuals and teams to find sustainable and implementable solutions, all the while developing communication skills, resiliency, and essential soft skills. I place great emphasis in asking salient questions.

The tendency is to seek quick solutions and answers. I place more emphasis on taking the time to ask the right question. Once the right question is asked and the intention is found, I then focus my energy and skills on fostering an environment where individuals and teams can authentically and openly respond and begin to work towards fulfilling that intention. As the process happens teams naturally enhance their ability to collectively respond to organizational changes and changing customer demands and market trends.

As trust, transparency, mindfulness, and responsibility evolve, so does your organization. My services are designed to make individuals and teams more interdependent by broadening the ability to perceive matters more holistically. Services are also strength-based and solution-focused. Another important side effect is a more flat, flexible, and motivated workforce.

Rejuvenating orgaizations by fostering authenticity, intention, and the collective