The Process

The EPIC Model

“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”       Epictetus

Decisions and actions made by all stakeholders impact the overall health and direction of your organization. The EPIC Model is a youth inspired framework that:

→ is open to new ideas and different approaches
→ recognizes existing and potential opportunities, and
→ shows courage to take action.

The EPIC Model is a natural and sustainable method to remain in tune with the changing needs of all stakeholders:

  • Explore the current situation, what is desired, and the gap between both.  Explore needs, values, and ways to close the gap.
  • Play with ideas in line with your mission and core values.  Play with new skills and techniques to achieve goals.
  • Inspire your employees to seek out and utilize resources that stimulate novelty. Inspire each other to think and see anew.
  • Connect with your interests and abilities. Connect collectively through interactions that promote self and group discovery.

    Let silence be your general rule; or say only what is necessary in a few words.”  Epictetus

EPIConsulting uses the following methods


The resonating sound of the singing bowl serves two purposes. First it focuses our attention to be receptive. Second, the reverberating tone is an acoustical symbol of how an in-tune organization “sounds” when operating in harmony. Interestingly, the word in German for harmony is Einklang, literally meaning “one sound“. The singing bowl itself is a container in which the sound can reverberate. It is a place from which resonance begins and then transmitted.

Two definitions of resonance–according to Merriam-Webster–apply to EPIConsulting’s intention:

“a quality of richness and variety”

We assist you in tapping into the richness and variety of your employees that make your organization unique and successful. 

“a quality of evoking response”

We bring to your organization a quality that evokes an authentic, intentional, and collective workforce. In sum, EPIConsulting acts as a co-conductor, creating resonance in your organization.

Holding Space

The easiest way to access and allow authenticity, intention and the collective to manifest is by creating and maintaining the space for it to occur. EPIConsulting works by showing how to create cooperative conditions where responsibility is shared and participants are encouraged to bring forth their ideas, energy, and abilities.

Based on The Circle Way work of Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin in 1992, circle offers social structure that often helps conversation arrive at a deeper, more intentional place by gathering people into a circular shape with participants at the rim and the purpose in the center. The EPICircle creates a container in which participants can resonate with one another, just like the singing bowl is a container from with sound resonates.

Each person has a voice and everyone can see and hear one another. Social agreements and practices help facilitate respectful conversation. Circle is a process by which many forms of meetings can be held, fostering intention, authenticity and the collective.

The Art of Hosting
The Art of Hosting consists of various interactive and inquisitive methods to gather information. At its core, Art of Hosting believes in the ability of groups to self organize and to tap into its collective wisdom. The importance of dialogue and active listening are the goal of all techniques. Asking the right questions, sharing information, being open to new ideas, and committing to action are key elements of the process.


Appreciative Inquiry
Appreciative (AI) “is a fundamental shift in the overall perspective taken throughout the entire change process to see the wholeness of the human system and to inquire into that system’s strengths, possibilities, and successes.” AI uses five steps know as the 5 Ds. I have added Distractions, Basic Needs, and Values to the process:
Define – What is the topic of inquiry?
Basic Needs – What needs are being met?
Values – How do we go about fulfilling our needs?
DiscoverAppreciating the best of ‘what is’ (best practices)
Dream – Imagining ‘what could be’
Distractions – Overcoming real and imagined fears/obstacles
(emotional, physical, mental, or interpersonal)
Design – Determining “what should be’
Deliver – Creating ‘what will be’ (using “I” statements)

Rejuvenating orgaizations by fostering authenticity, intention, and the collective